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Sonny Sonny

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Joe's Review Sonny

Well, My first review for a game so lets roll.
Sonny is an adventure/thriller where Krinn has probally thought about resident evil where u play as a person killing zombies and thought.. hmm maybe I should make a game where your a zombie killing other people? You play as a guy who died and figures out his name is sonny. At the begining of the game u meet guy named louis who might i add is blind. He is just a guide and doesnt really help you besides giving you advice. You can obtain new skills every time you obtain level ups. I am also sure many people have complained about some minor bugs that Krinn has took his time out of his schedule to fix them because people are such asses and complain.
The Review
Graphics- 5/6
AI- 6/6
Storyline- 6/6